Elevator Home Lift in Grayslake, IL

“What’s The Right Elevator For My Home?” And Other Common Questions

Home elevators are becoming more and more popular with many retrofit options designed to work in as little footprint as a small linen closet.  Home lifts are no longer the product for the wealthy or a staple of luxury, but have entered the home accessibility world, with many new add-on designs that are both highly dependable and affordable.  Let’s get right down to some helpful tips for choosing the right elevator for your home.

Function Over Fashion: What Do I Need?

With accessibility in mind, stability and a gentle pace should be high priority items on your list.  Some manufacturers design their lifts with a single rail and require a load-bearing wall to counter-stabilize the structure, but this greatly limits the places in your home where a lift may be installed.  We recommend installing a two-rail elevator lift where the frame stabilizes the lift and anchors to the floor and ceiling, freeing you install the lift where ever it makes the most sense in your home’s floor plan.

Dependability & Service

We love warranties, and even more than warranties, a trustworthy installer to maintain or repair the elevator when necessary.  Choose a brand that has both a strong history of dependability and a local home elevator installer who is knowledgeable about the particular brand and model you own.  Another often overlooked aspect of reliability is what happens to your lift in the event of a power failure?  Does it stop in place or have a battery back-up to allow the passenger(s) to arrive at a level safely and comfortably or will it simply stop?

Home elevator lifts were once a mark of the ultra-rich, requiring significant planning during home construction or renovation, but are quickly becoming a staple mobility device for disabled and elderly persons living in multi-level homes.  If you would like to learn more about the cost of a home elevator lift, lift installation, or to shop for different models, please contact us today or stop by our showroom floor to see our selection of high-quality and affordable Stiltz home elevator lifts!