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Bruno SRE-2010E Outdoor Elite Stairlift

The Bruno Outdoor Elite Stairlift gives you dependable access to and from the great outdoors. The outdoor Elite stair lift is specifically designed for exterior use, providing you with the same quality, comfort and convenience available as with the Bruno line of straight rail and curved rail stairlifts.

With a rated weight capacity of 400 lb and sensors that detect any obstacles on the stairs, the Bruno Outdoor stairlift moves up and down your exterior stairs with power and efficiency. The offset swivel seat makes the entry and exit at the top landing safer and easier than ever.

These stairlifts are equipped with two 12V batteries powered by a small, unobtrusive charger that requires no special electrical wiring. The Outdoor Elite chairlift provides uninterrupted performance, even during a temporary failure of electrical service to your home.

Bruno Outdoor Elite Standard Features

  • The offset swivel seat makes the entry and exit at the top landing safer and easier than ever! The footrest and carriage safety sensors instantly stop the unit when it encounters an obstruction on the stairs.
  • A retractable seat belt keeps the occupant secure at all times.
  • The two wireless call/send remotes make installation simple and clean with no wires exposed.


Bruno Outdoor Elite Weather Protection

The cover system, seat, arms and footrest all flip up to provide plenty of room for use of your outdoor stairs by family and friends. A weather-resistant cover system is engaged by either one of two levers. Moisture on the Outdoor Elite is minimized when the light-weight cover is fully extended. A separate cover protects the drive controller from water, dirt and debris.

Bruno Outdoor Elite Stairlift
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