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It is that time of year and everyone in Lake County Illinois has spent the whole winter cooped up in the house. Some of us don’t have the mobility to be able to just get up and go once the nice weather comes. A mobility scooter lift for your vehicle may be just the solution you need to get out and about. You would be surprised at how affordable and easy it is to install a Scooter mobility lift.

Best Accessibility Solutions each year sees a spike in the demand for scooter lift installs each spring. So many people have scooters and power wheelchairs but have no way to take them out to where they need to be away from home.

Those with disabilities who depend on their scooters, wheelchairs and power wheelchairs will be able to get out this spring at the touch of a button! We just need to know what vehicle you drive and the type of scooter or power wheelchair you are lifting. Most vans and SUV’S will accommodate a scooter lift easily.

Below is a Bruno VSL-6900 scooter lift that we just installed in Lake County, IL. The factory actually told us that this would have to be a seat off application.  We ordered a custom lifting bar and were able to do it with the seat on. This was the only way that the client would be able to use the lift because she is not strong enough to take the seat off.

This is just a great example of what 25 years of installation experience can have. Best Accessibility solutions takes pride in being able to solve almost any mobility issue inside or outside of the home. We are Certified Environmental Access Consultants and can help you to determine what accessibility products will work best for your needs.

All consultations and quotes are at no cost so “spring” into action and let us help you to get your scooter or power wheelchair to where you need to be with a Bruno accessibility scooter lift.

At Best Accessibility Solutions even our prices are accessible!