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Lift chairs are a great lifting aid to seniors and those with mobility and health issues. The ability to stand up and sit down from your current chairs or couches within your home may be difficult with and injury or with severe arthritis of the hips or knees.

Recline Lift chairs will safely and easily get you from a sitting to standing position with the push of a button. The lift chair will also smoothly and effortlessly take you from your standing position back to a sitting position. Lift chairs offer great comfort even for those who sit for extended periods of time during the day.

Lift chairs reduce the stress put on your hips and knees while trying to get up and sit down. Lift chairs can give a senior their independence back without having to have a caregiver around to help with transfers from in and out of their chair during the day. Lift chairs can prevent unnecessary falls that could otherwise happen while trying to get out of or into a chair that is too low in the home.

Chair lifts are also beneficial for those who don’t have the ability to change position during the day. Being in the chair for long periods of time can create sore spots. Lift chairs can easily shift your position and weight with the easy to use hand control.

Lift chairs come in many sizes with several recline options to fit every budget. The most popular chair would be the infinite position lift chairs.  You move effortlessly and smoothly through your favorite positions. Using pre-programmed and programmable controls, you can lift, recline, watch TV, sleep or enjoy the wellness benefits of the zero gravity and trendelenburg (legs above the heart)  positions. There are also heat and massage options in some of the chairs.

Chair lifts look like an ordinary recliner that will fit into any home décor with many colors and fabrics to choose from.  Lift chairs also make a great gift for a loved one that you know struggles with mobility and health issues.

Just imagine the level of comfort you can achieve in a lift chair with all of the positioning options, health and safety benefits they offer!  Give us a call today to see what lift chair will be best suited for you or a loved one.