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The Bruno vertical platform lift provides safe and efficient access to a raised deck, porch, or even floor to floor access inside your home. A platform lift is a great way to ensure safety and convenience every time you enter or exit your home.

Wheelchair lifts give you cost effective and space saving options that having a ramp installation will not. Installing a ramp necessitates more time; money and space that simple and inexpensive wheelchair lifts will not. A porch lift also operates with the press of a button.

Platform lifts are designed to take both a wheelchair and its passenger up or down a set of stairs. The lift creates easy and safe access from inside to outside of the home.

Bruno platform lifts do not require any major modifications to the staircase or to the structure of your deck or porch.

Great For Indoors and Outdoors

Vertical platform lifts are made to withstand the elements outside. Because they take up less space than a ramp, they are a more convenient option for providing access to porch and deck areas.

Wheelchair lifts are also a great and affordable alternative to installing an in home elevator. The Bruno vertical platform lift can be used indoors to move up and down from floor to floor. It also gives you the ability to take your wheelchair, scooter or power wheelchair with you!

We can help you design the perfect vertical platform lift solution for you and your home. Call us today for your free home accessibility evaluation.