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Accessibility Beyond the Home

Is your mobility limited because you can’t get your scooter, wheelchair, or power chair to another location?

f you’re using a scooter or power wheelchair to get around your house, you know what a godsend they can be. Wouldn’t it be great to have that kind of access outside your house, too?

With a Bruno auto or scooter mobility lift, you can have the freedom to go almost anywhere. And at Best Accessibility Solutions, that kind of accessibility is a lot more affordable than you think.

Scooter lifts and power wheelchair lifts are available regardless of your mode of transportation. We have sedan lifts, crossover lifts, minivan scooter lifts, SUV power wheelchair lifts and full size van lifts. We even have a lift for your pickup truck!

Best Accessibility Solutions can increase your freedom and enhance your lifestyle with our power mobility scooter and wheelchair auto lifts. We’ll show you how easy, safe and convenient it is to transport your wheelchair, scooter or power hair.

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Bruno Mobility Lifts

World-Class Quality. Made in USA

Bruno mobility auto lifts are the lightest weight and the easiest to operate. Our scooter lifts and power wheelchair mobility lifts are recognized for their world-class quality and versatility, and they’re made in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. With over 20 different interior and exterior scooter lifts and power wheelchair mobility lifts, we have a solution for whatever your mobility needs.

All our lifts are designed for your specific vehicle and our ordering process is consumer-friendly. Just call a Bruno factory-trained technician at 847-231-6482, describe the make and model of your car and your power mobility device and we’ll take care of everything else for you! You’ll be amazed at how affordable scooter lifts are and how quickly an auto mobility lift can be installed.

Which Lift Is Right For You?

Interior Scooter Lifts

Interior scooter lifts pick up your scooter, power chair or wheelchair with a lifting strap on the outside of your car. A push of a button lifts your mobility device into the back of your vehicle.

Exterior Mobility Lift

With an exterior auto mobility lift, you drive your power mobility device onto a platform behind your car. It is secured to the platform lift and you’re ready to go!

Interior Mobility Lift

With an interior mobility platform lift, you drive your scooter or power wheelchair onto the lift from the rear of the vehicle. Once your mobility device is secured, the platform lift goes into the back of the vehicle with the push of a button.

Free Car Assessment & Quote

Call us today at 847-231-6482 for your free assessment and quote. We’re waiting for your call!