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Do it yourself projects……..great for trimming the fat from your improvement budgets but not always the safest thing to do.

We all seem to have someone in the family or a friend or neighbor that is in the trades and willing to do your handy work really cheap or for free if you buy the product direct.

Buying your stairlift over the internet will save you some money, but who is going to ensure that it has been installed properly and safely according to the manufacturers specifications?

It is not reasonable to assume that a person who is unfamiliar with chair lifts and their installation or service requirements would be aware of the potential hazards that could be encountered if the stairlift is not serviced or installed correctly.

We do not and the Accessibility Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (AEMA) does not support the installation or servicing of accessibility lifts by inexperienced persons.

Our position here at Best Accessibility Solutions is that providers of chair lifts/stair lifts who market to the consumers have a responsibility to see that it is installed and serviced by trained and experienced technicians.