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Bruno Curved Vs Straight

When you have a curved staircase that changes direction or has any landings in between you should consider the following in making your stairlift decision.  There are two stairlift configurations to choose from and that is curved or straight.

Curved Stairlifts

A Bruno Curved Stairlift is the only solution if you have no landing between the stairs and if the user is unable to transfer from one chair to another. When purchasing a Bruno Curved Stairlift we need to take a special digital measurement of your stairs.  Curved stairlifts take about 4-6 weeks to manufacture. Bruno Curved Stair Lifts cannot be resold unfortunately because they are custom to only your stairwell.

Straight Stairlifts

If your curved stairwell has a landing that is large enough you can sometimes go with two Bruno Straight Stairlifts. Having two straight stair lifts would require the user to transfer from one stairlift chair to the other stairlift chair on the landing dividing the stairs. Straight stairlifts can be installed within a week or less and would be half the cost of one Bruno Custom Curved Stair Lift.

Bruno Straight Stairlifts can also be resold. We almost always offer a buy back option to our straight stair lift customers if they call and no longer need the stairlift.

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