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“What’s The Right Elevator For My Home?” And Other Common Questions

Home elevators are becoming more and more popular with many retrofit options designed to work in as little footprint as a small linen closet.  Home lifts are no longer the product for the wealthy or a staple of luxury, but have entered the home accessibility world, with many new add-on designs that are both highly dependable and affordable.  Let’s get right down to some helpful tips for choosing the right elevator for your home.

Function Over Fashion: What Do I Need?

With accessibility in mind, stability and a gentle pace should be high priority items on your list.  Some manufacturers design their lifts with a single rail and require a load-bearing wall to counter-stabilize the structure, but this greatly limits the places in your home where a lift may be installed.  We recommend installing a two-rail elevator lift where the frame stabilizes the lift and anchors to the floor and ceiling, freeing you install the lift where ever it makes the most sense in your home’s floor plan.

Dependability & Service

We love warranties, and even more than warranties, a trustworthy installer to maintain or repair the elevator when necessary.  Choose a brand that has both a strong history of dependability and a local home elevator installer who is knowledgeable about the particular brand and model you own.  Another often overlooked aspect of reliability is what happens to your lift in the event of a power failure?  Does it stop in place or have a battery back-up to allow the passenger(s) to arrive at a level safely and comfortably or will it simply stop?

Home elevator lifts were once a mark of the ultra-rich, requiring significant planning during home construction or renovation, but are quickly becoming a staple mobility device for disabled and elderly persons living in multi-level homes.  If you would like to learn more about the cost of a home elevator lift, lift installation, or to shop for different models, please contact us today or stop by our showroom floor to see our selection of high-quality and affordable Stiltz home elevator lifts!

Selecting the Right Stair Lift for Aging Parents

Providing your parents with a safe place to live is your priority as a caregiver. Whether it is your mother who is aging or an ill father, the need remains the same. One solution to granting your parents the independence they deserve is with a professional stair lift. Learn more about the benefits of stair and chair lifts for home use.

Aging in Place for Senior Parents

The leading recommendation for senior living is aging in place. To age in place means to let your parents remain at home, rather than sending them to a retirement facility or nursing home. Doing so means your parents retain their community and personal space. This is instrumental in helping aging parents with dementia or memory loss, as well as parents who are widowed or otherwise alone.

Stair Lifts for a Safe Home Environment

In order to allow your aging parents to age in place, you must provide them with a safe home environment. Whether your parents use a wheelchair or walker or have a limited mobility, a stair lift is highly recommended.

A stair lift including a curved stair lift for spiral staircases eliminates the fear of falling. A chair lift also opens up access to multiple floors of a home, thereby giving aging parents their mobility again.

Increased Independence and Mobility

Along with the ability to freely move throughout the home, stair lifts also provide your parents with independence. For aging seniors, the loss of independence is often the greatest threat. A stair lift returns some personal power to aging parents.

They can move about their own home unassisted, which in turn boosts self-confidence and physical activity. As a result, aging parents are more likely to remain active for a longer period of time than they would if they were unable to be independently mobile.

As a child of a senior parent, this soothes your soul. You can rest assured that you are doing what you can to help your parent transition into an aging in place situation.

Find Stair Lift Installation Services Near You

As the leading independent provider of stair lift installation in Greyslake, Illinois, Best Accessibility Solutions has you covered. Contact our company today to speak with a representative about curved stair lifts and ceiling lift track systems.

Residential Elevator or Stair Lift For Home Accessibility

elan stairlift2There are many reasons that people decide they need a safer and more convenient way of getting from one floor to another in their home. Everyone has their own story regarding their motives and decision to find a home accessibility solution. Best Accessibility Solutions has Certified Environmental Access Consultants on staff. We can help with your home accessibility decisions based on the families’ personal wants and needs.

Traditionally there have been two main solutions for access between floors in the home environment. The simplest solution has been a stair lift. They fix to the stairs and usually do a great job of moving you safely from one floor to the other.

You are always limited to the location of a stairlift as it will only install on the stairs. The user must sit down and get up from a sitting position. Depending on the abilities of the user that may be difficult.

Home Accessibility Elevator

The other alternative to a stair lift would be a residential elevator. They are quick and easy to install and specifically designed to fit in your home. Unlike a stairlift, which can only be installed on the stairs, the user decides where the home elevator goes. This gives the user more options of location.

Travelling through the floor rather than up the stairs can sometimes be quicker, more direct and safer depending on the users’ abilities.

The home elevator also has a model that will accommodate a wheelchair, a walker or rollator. It’s a great option especially for those users that are non-ambulatory. This model also has the option of being a thru car. This allows you to enter at one side and leave at the other which avoids reversing your wheelchair backwards out of the elevator each time.

Best Accessibility Solutions always offers a free no hassle home assessment. Give us a call today so that we can help you decide on the best and most cost effective options for your home accessibility needs!

Visit our website at to see the many options that we offer for home accessibility!

8 Ways To An Affordable, Safe, and Accessible Bathroom

Accessible Bathroom

Aging in place is something that smart seniors and baby boomers are beginning to think about. Remodeling a key space such as the bathroom can make their lives simpler, safer and more comfortable.

The bathroom also remains one of the most hazardous rooms in the home for seniors. Falls and accidents can be greatly reduced by integrating products and design for a more accessible and safe environment. Following are 8 ideas that can help a bathroom meet any need.


1.  Walk in shower. A shower with no threshold makes entering the space easy for those who use a walker or wheelchair. Not having to step over anything when entering the shower will greatly reduce any risk of falls.

2.  Built in shower seats. Built in shower seats offer a more comfortable experience for those who have trouble standing or keeping their balance. Most seats also save space in the shower by folding up against the wall.

3.  Raised toilets. Toilets that are taller and about the height of a standard chair, can work great for people who have troubles bending or stooping. The higher toilet can also make the transfer to and from a wheelchair much easier.

4.  Hand held shower. A flexible hose hand held shower mounted on a slide bar and paired with a standard showerhead, can be mounted low enough to accommodate seated and standing users.

5.  Pull and lever handles. A lever or pull style faucet handles are much easier for arthritic or weaker hands. This type of hardware works well for doors and drawers also.

6.  Grab bars. Most grab bars look like traditional towel bars now than the institutional-looking products. They are great placed inside and outside of the shower area for additional stability and also next to the toilet to help with sitting and standing.

7.  Nonslip floors and mats. Having non slip mats in standing areas outside of the shower area and in front of the sink can help to greatly reduce falls when the floor is wet. There are also matte tiles and textured flooring available that is practical and stylish.

8.  Accessible counters and sinks. Cabinets and counters that are wall mounted can be adjusted for height for seated users in wheelchairs or the like. Also wall mounted sinks or pedestal sinks make it much easier for mobility devices to navigate around the bathroom.

For more accessible bathroom ideas click here

6 Most Common Stairlift Questions


Bruno Elan Stairlift1) How Much Does a Stairlift Cost?

Straight stairlift prices can range from $3,200 – $4,400 installed, depending on the model and options chosen.  Custom curved stairlifts start at $6,500 installed and vary depending on additional options, stairway configuration and total length.


2) What Kind of Warranty is There?

All Bruno stairlifts are covered by an industry-leading, worry-free Gold Warranty. The Gold Warranty covers 5 years on all major components (motor, drive train) and 2 years on all parts. Best Accessibility Solutions also offers an additional worry free warranty on labor for 1 year. (The manufacturer will warranty the part but will not cover the labor to install it) this gives you peace of mind and a workmanship guarantee.


3) What is the Stairlift Weight Capacity?

The Bruno Elite stairlifts can accommodate up to 400 lbs. of lift capacity, while the Elan models has a capacity of 300 lbs. Best Accessibility Solutions will showcase all the different Bruno stairlift models and features during your free in-home consultation.

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