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Benefits of a Stairlift by Bruno

Stair lift chairs are a great home accessibility solution and are very affordable. The ability to regain your independence within your home without depending on others to help you to navigate your stairs will improve your quality of life.

At Best Accessibility Solutions we get calls every day with questions about stairlifts during a “time of need”.  This is often when family members are trying to make a decision about a loved one’s care after an accident or surgery.  That event may impede someone’s ability to get up the stairs.

We most certainly understand your family’s concerns.  We want to help people make the best cost effective stairlift decision that they can.

Your Home Stairlift Decision Will Be Easy After Reading This!

Having a stairlift or sometimes called a chair lift installed on your staircase is the most affordable solution to staying in your home that you love. The cost of adding a room to the first floor, moving to assisted living or having to move to a one story home will far outweigh the cost and also the disruption to your lifestyle when you have a stair lift installed.

A stair lift will help you to regain access to areas of your home without the worry of falls on the stairs when you can’t be there for someone you are caring for.

Straight stairlifts can be installed within a few hours with no modifications to the home. The stair lift is anchored to the stairs and not the wall.

The stair lift runs on batteries to ensure access even during power outages.

Stair lifts are easy to use and very affordable with lots of standard safety features. A stairlift is a great solution for anyone who may have a bit of difficulty going up and down the stairs.

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