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Barrier Free Accessible Baths For Safety & Convenience

Barrier free accessible bathrooms offer safety, accessibility and convenience at an affordable price for anyone who has to deal with balance, mobility or disability issues.

Barrier free bathrooms allow wheelchair users and people who use walking aids to get around safely, making it easier to groom, bathe or shower. While the emphasis is always on safety, modification solutions depend on each individual’s needs.

Best Accessibility Solutions can help you assess the safety and accessibility of your bathroom and suggest devices that reduce your risk of falling. Our certified environmental access consultants can provide what you need so you can enjoy living in your home well past retirement.

Read below some of the main accessories and modifications some people need for safety, convenience and accessibility…

Accessible Bathroom Features

Roll-In Showers

Roll-in showers are level with the rest of the bathroom so there is no barrier to step over like a conventional shower or bathtub. Roll-in showers create a sense of independence and safety in the bathroom. By removing the barrier from a standard shower or bathtub, small bathrooms are much more accessible for wheelchair users. Roll-in shower seating can employ a wall-mounted flip down seat or a freestanding bath bench.

Overhead Patient Lift Systems

Overhead patient lift systems are tracks mounted to the ceiling (sometimes called ceiling lifts) so that the patient can be transferred in a sling easily and safely to all areas of the bathroom. Additional track can be added to expand your accessibility from the bedroom to the bathroom or any other area of your home.

Tub Lifts

Tub lifts are recommended when a roll-in shower is not an option. They make your tub safe and secure for bathing. There are a number of power bath lifts that help you avoid stepping over the side of the tub.

Accessible Toilets

Accessible toilets are another important option for people with disability or mobility problems. The rim height of a standard toilet is about 14”, which is much too low for most people. An easy, attractive and very stable solution is to replace the standard low toilet with an extended height toilet that is about 3” taller.

Transfer Benches

Transfer benches allow you to sit on the outside of the tub. You simply slide over the bench that also sits inside the tub. When you’re in a seated position, it’s much easier to move your legs over the side of the tub to enter.

Wheelchair Accessible Sinks

Wheelchair accessible sinks solve the issue of the lack of space below a standard bathroom sink and vanity for a wheelchair user’s feet and legs. There are several ways to create that space:

Wall-Mounted Sinks

Wall-mounted sinks are typically shallower from front to back, and the drains are positioned at the back of the sink, close to the wall. This style of sink provides clearance for knees, so a wheelchair user can get close enough to use the sink comfortably. Pedestal sinks do not provide as much space, but they are also an excellent alternative to a standard sink.

Grab Bars

Grab bars for bath access and toilets eliminate the instability and poor balance that challenge many disabled and elderly people. Grab bars provide safety and independence and are often the most cost effective solution for people with balance or strength issues.

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