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Accessible Bathroom

Aging in place is something that smart seniors and baby boomers are beginning to think about. Remodeling a key space such as the bathroom can make their lives simpler, safer and more comfortable.

The bathroom also remains one of the most hazardous rooms in the home for seniors. Falls and accidents can be greatly reduced by integrating products and design for a more accessible and safe environment. Following are 8 ideas that can help a bathroom meet any need.


1.  Walk in shower. A shower with no threshold makes entering the space easy for those who use a walker or wheelchair. Not having to step over anything when entering the shower will greatly reduce any risk of falls.

2.  Built in shower seats. Built in shower seats offer a more comfortable experience for those who have trouble standing or keeping their balance. Most seats also save space in the shower by folding up against the wall.

3.  Raised toilets. Toilets that are taller and about the height of a standard chair, can work great for people who have troubles bending or stooping. The higher toilet can also make the transfer to and from a wheelchair much easier.

4.  Hand held shower. A flexible hose hand held shower mounted on a slide bar and paired with a standard showerhead, can be mounted low enough to accommodate seated and standing users.

5.  Pull and lever handles. A lever or pull style faucet handles are much easier for arthritic or weaker hands. This type of hardware works well for doors and drawers also.

6.  Grab bars. Most grab bars look like traditional towel bars now than the institutional-looking products. They are great placed inside and outside of the shower area for additional stability and also next to the toilet to help with sitting and standing.

7.  Nonslip floors and mats. Having non slip mats in standing areas outside of the shower area and in front of the sink can help to greatly reduce falls when the floor is wet. There are also matte tiles and textured flooring available that is practical and stylish.

8.  Accessible counters and sinks. Cabinets and counters that are wall mounted can be adjusted for height for seated users in wheelchairs or the like. Also wall mounted sinks or pedestal sinks make it much easier for mobility devices to navigate around the bathroom.

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