Stair Lifts for Aging Parents in Chicago, IL

Selecting the Right Stair Lift for Aging Parents

Providing your parents with a safe place to live is your priority as a caregiver. Whether it is your mother who is aging or an ill father, the need remains the same. One solution to granting your parents the independence they deserve is with a professional stair lift. Learn more about the benefits of stair and chair lifts for home use.

Aging in Place for Senior Parents

The leading recommendation for senior living is aging in place. To age in place means to let your parents remain at home, rather than sending them to a retirement facility or nursing home. Doing so means your parents retain their community and personal space. This is instrumental in helping aging parents with dementia or memory loss, as well as parents who are widowed or otherwise alone.

Stair Lifts for a Safe Home Environment

In order to allow your aging parents to age in place, you must provide them with a safe home environment. Whether your parents use a wheelchair or walker or have a limited mobility, a stair lift is highly recommended.

A stair lift including a curved stair lift for spiral staircases eliminates the fear of falling. A chair lift also opens up access to multiple floors of a home, thereby giving aging parents their mobility again.

Increased Independence and Mobility

Along with the ability to freely move throughout the home, stair lifts also provide your parents with independence. For aging seniors, the loss of independence is often the greatest threat. A stair lift returns some personal power to aging parents.

They can move about their own home unassisted, which in turn boosts self-confidence and physical activity. As a result, aging parents are more likely to remain active for a longer period of time than they would if they were unable to be independently mobile.

As a child of a senior parent, this soothes your soul. You can rest assured that you are doing what you can to help your parent transition into an aging in place situation.

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