Residential Elevator or Stair Lift For Home Accessibility

elan stairlift2There are many reasons that people decide they need a safer and more convenient way of getting from one floor to another in their home. Everyone has their own story regarding their motives and decision to find a home accessibility solution. Best Accessibility Solutions has Certified Environmental Access Consultants on staff. We can help with your home accessibility decisions based on the families’ personal wants and needs.

Traditionally there have been two main solutions for access between floors in the home environment. The simplest solution has been a stair lift. They fix to the stairs and usually do a great job of moving you safely from one floor to the other.

You are always limited to the location of a stairlift as it will only install on the stairs. The user must sit down and get up from a sitting position. Depending on the abilities of the user that may be difficult.

Home Accessibility Elevator

The other alternative to a stair lift would be a residential elevator. They are quick and easy to install and specifically designed to fit in your home. Unlike a stairlift, which can only be installed on the stairs, the user decides where the home elevator goes. This gives the user more options of location.

Travelling through the floor rather than up the stairs can sometimes be quicker, more direct and safer depending on the users’ abilities.

The home elevator also has a model that will accommodate a wheelchair, a walker or rollator. It’s a great option especially for those users that are non-ambulatory. This model also has the option of being a thru car. This allows you to enter at one side and leave at the other which avoids reversing your wheelchair backwards out of the elevator each time.

Best Accessibility Solutions always offers a free no hassle home assessment. Give us a call today so that we can help you decide on the best and most cost effective options for your home accessibility needs!

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