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You have this newfound sense of independence now that you have purchased a scooter or power wheelchair.  It’s wonderful to be able to get around your house and property but how do you get it to another location?

A Bruno car accessibility scooter lift is the affordable transport solution you are looking for!  Scooter and power wheelchair car accessibility lifts come in a variety of models to accommodate your scooter and make and model of your vehicle.

There are interior and exterior car accessibility scooter lifts that will easily help you to take your scooter or power wheelchair to wherever you need to be. You will be able to go to the mall, the amusement park or other places that you normally would not go to because of the distance you would have to walk without the aid of your scooter or power wheelchair. Now getting your scooter there is a breeze with a Bruno mobility scooter lift!


Car Accessibility Scooter Lifts Are Affordable and Easy To Use

Best Accessibility Solutions Bruno mobility scooter lifts are very easy to use. Scooter Lifts can be handled by one person a majority of the time depending on the abilities of the user.

The interior car mobility lifts have a hand control that operates all of the power functions. With the press of a button the scooter lift will lift up and pull the scooter or power wheelchair into the back of your suv or van.

Exterior car accessibility lifts you just drive your scooter or power wheelchair onto a platform at the rear of your vehicle. The scooter gets strapped down and you use the hand control to lift the platform up. You are now on your way to gaining your independence outside of just your home! See our Car Accessibility page for more information.

For over 25 years, Best Accessibility Solutions has been helping our community, neighbors and veterans in getting their scooters, power wheelchairs and wheelchairs to where they want to be!


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